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Séminaire conjoint « Écrire les modernités arabes »
et Institut d’Asie Orientale (IAO)



Jeudi 6 février 2014, 14h-16h
Salle F05 – Institut d’Asie Orientale (IAO)


Vedi Hadiz – invité grâce à la chaire IISMM-EHESS
Australian Research Council Future Fellow
Professor of Asian Societies and Politics Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University, Perth, Australie.

“Islamic politics and democratisation : Indonesia, Egypt and Turkey Compared”


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In Indonesia, Islamic political forces have made only limited advances in the context of democratisation, and during the authoritarian period, were never able to dominate political opposition. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood was briefly in power, winning the first free elections after the fall of Mubarak, following decades of establishing itself as the major force within civil society during the authoritarian period. In Turkey, the AKP has made the best use of the institutions of electoral politics, gaining power in 2002 and dominating politics for a decade since then, in spite of recent challenges.  What accounts for the differences in the trajectories of Islamic politics in these three large Muslim-majority societies?  The seminar will explore this question in relation to the broader context of political economy within which these Islamic forces have had to operate, the legacies of Cold War-era social conflicts in each country, and social transformations related to capitalist development and neoliberal globalisation.


Public concerné : chercheurs, étudiants

Type d'évenement : seminaire